March 14, 2013

act natural | a guest post with beige is dead

Thanks so much to BEIGE IS DEAD for a gorgeous guest post today.. I'm kinda crazy about all these natural elements!

kitchen | linden faucet | thistle bouquet | counter stool | wine glass | textiles | gold flat wear | bamboo bowls

New Years are all about fresh starts; cleaning out the old and bringing in the new! If you’re de-cluttering your kitchen and looking to refresh your d├ęcor, take some inspiration from Mother Nature. Organic shapes, colours and textures can bring interest and style to any space with minimal effort. But keeping it simple doesn’t mean it has to be basic. 
Shapely Silhouettes
A bare kitchen can look very cold and sterile. If you’re a fan of minimalism, look for items that mimic the gentle curves of a stream or flower petal (curves will soften the overall look of the space). The modern floral uses large patterned outlines to give the effect of several leaves and blooms. You’ll see these silhouettes echoed in everything from glassware to hardware. Tinted tulip-shaped wine glasses add another dimension of texture and colour to the table setting. The clean lines of Delta’s Linden faucet were inspired by a reaching tree branch, hitting the right balance between style and function. Nature’s shapes can simplify the overall look of a kitchen, while bringing interest to backsplashes and walls.
Tactile Textures
For subtle doses of style, seek out pieces with texture you can touch. The matte finish on a set of gold cutlery softens the lines without diluting an ounce of its rich colour. Natural wood grains are also beautiful additions to any room. But to keep your kitchen from looking like a wood lodge, stick to streamlined pieces that use texture as an accent rather than a focus. Textures can also highlight and bring additional dimension to colours. The bubbles in aqua glass results in a chalice of ice effect. 
Natural ≠Neutral
Seek inspiration from nature and all of the colours found in it! Rainbows are a natural phenomenon, after all. Seek out your favourite flower or take a stroll through a local garden and remember what you’re drawn to. Even just having a live plant or flower arrangement can spruce up your kitchen area, cleaning the air at the same time! If you’re not blessed with a green thumb, don’t despair. Use dried flowers to create unique centerpieces, such as thistles (muted blue-violet), Craspedia (brilliant yellow) or Statice (plum purple).


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