February 13, 2013

photo poses + I wish I knew about these when I had babies!

We've never had family photo's done. In this era of very very cool photographers and even cooler photo's I feel like I'm missing out. Soon. Right.                  Soon.

Here are a few images that I love..take them as ideas playing around with your camera at home or for your next set of professional photos!

If you know the photographer or blogger credit please let me know..some were pinned with no source :(

Love this sweetness-


So simple and so so lovely-

Jinky Art

Crazy good family photo, I love the colors-

Shanna Michelle

So great for counting the years-


All time favorite family picture by Ashlee Raubach-

The colors are so something I would do! File that away for myself ;)

Seriously so sweet-

Caroline Tran

How fun + easy!


Amazing color!
( They happen to be a very special family too :) )

Chrissy Austring Photography

Ahh holiday sweetness-

Caroline Tran

So cute!
 For the love of Megan

Ashlee Raubach.. I love how the decor is such an integral part of the shoot.

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