February 7, 2013

new house files | for the dining room

It's framed. The windows are sitting inside. It's slowly coming along. I'm crazy anxious but I've stopped letting it consume every thought. It did for a while.. remember when I spent an entire weekend figuring out the lighting plan? And then it cost $13,000 and I had to start all over?! ha ha... ahh soon enough. Looks like the beginning of May :) Not too far away. It's been a while since we talked house plans, and I ordered + finalized a few dining room / well casual eating area plans last night.

This is the table we have-
( crate & barrel )
The side wall is being installed like this..with about 6 ft x 9 ft of open shelving centered on it...
I'm waiting until we are in to get a feel for what I'm going to fill all those shelves with :)

This chair I have been loving and decided last night to just spend the money I had saved on them. Pick a great item once and be happy with it instead of trying others and spending money on not so great chairs that I don't love.

Two of these will sit at each end of the table. I will be taking one as my seat ;)

( RH ) I ordered sand.

We have 4 of these chairs already that will stay with the 2 Belgian side chairs on the ends-
( RH )

This will be the light fixture-

These stools were also ordered along with the chairs. I love the tolix style, but didn't want to spend $325 each on 4 stools..the eating bar in the new house is long and these will slide under awesomly. Making up words.. stay with me ;) I found these at RH too and loved the over all look! I ordered three and we'll see if I need one more..

( RH )

I'll pop some Ikea sheepskins on them like this too-

image Canadian House & Home

I'm sure I'll add some pillows onto the end chairs just for some color and to tie all the rooms together. It's another open plan main level. They all seem to be around here!

hugs + kisses to you for all your notes and comments and emails on yesterdays post. x S

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Sara said...

Absolutely, positively, LOVE IT! :)

Baby Mama Juice said...

Love it!

Kim L. said...

Wow, sounds like your dining room will look fabulous. I love your choices, especially those sand chairs and the modern light fixture. Adding those sheepskin throws over the stools is genius. It makes it so luxurious!

lizziefitz said...

Miles Reed said buy the best and only cry once. I have heard Tommy Smythe say the same;)))