February 28, 2013


If you follow me on instagram, I'm sorry, this has all been seen. I know there has been some talk about the same ol content being put on all our social media outlets, but this is me and mine and well, here it is all again. Love ya :)

I'm obsessed with army green jackets, oh hi, there's me, getting used to and loving my new Hunters, the weather is perfect for them right now-

The house last week, the penny tile for the girls bathroom, and I added a pastry marble board from C&B to the kitchen to lighten up all the black-

A few little finds from an antique mall,  went ahead and bought a juju hat, it's had two homes already ;) , and the stools from Restoration my sweet husband indulged me with for Valentines Day. Love him :)

A Sunday trip to the farmers market with my Mom, lovely fresh veggies, some serious re arranging in the house this week. I'm pretty smitten with the new living room layout, the first juju home.. since changed ;)

uh huh.. more styling out takes, Lauren even took over for a while, and a new desk landscape, since I work from the couch these days ;)

for throw back Thursday a picture my sister texted me of me and my dad.. oh god I miss him :(

and here's what's happening with the new house this week. We have siding! Two months till possession :)


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lizziefitz said...

Everything is coming along beautifully! So happy for you:)
Just sent my oldest some new Hunters at college , she is pretty smitten with them.

K. said...

Thank you for sharing the photo of you and your father. Very sweet.
It touched me and made me smile... I miss my Dad, too.

Jordana @WhiteCabana said...

So where's the juju now?