February 9, 2013

instagrammed | the new Speedy | little things

Loved it when I came across this little write up about Audrey Hepburn and her LV Speedy. It's so very cool having the same bag as such an icon :) I've been thinking though of a little upgrade. I LOVE this bag and it is so simply 'me' that I can't part with it.

What I was thinking though was going to the new Speedy 30 with the shoulder strap. LOVE that..it takes everything I want in a bag and keeps it my classic. Now I just need to fall into a bucket of money. I'll keep you posted on how that goes ;)

Serena & Lily's dipped baskets arrived this week and I think they're pretty awesome. I had planned for the large to go in our seriously awkward main floor bath that we reno'd this past year, but they ended up..

here on the kitchen counter. I had split them up, large in the bath and small on the counter, but decided to keep the bathroom super simple while we are showing it and they both ended up together on the counter.
Our house has been on the market for a day and so far have had 7 showings. Cross your fingers and toes please :)

I screwed up today. Colossal. Well not life altering but I felt like an ass. Supper plan was french onion soup. We were all looking forward to it after having to stay out of the house all day... so 35 minutes spent caramelizing onions, add the organic vegetable broth and simmer. Wait. Vegetable?! Why did I buy and use vegetable broth? I have made french onion soup before and I know I need beef broth. Somewhere in the grocery shopping gluten free section I decided vegetable broth was just what I need. Crap. Garbage. So gross it wasn't even salvageable. Whoops. Bacon and avocado toasts it is ;)

I was snooping through Indigo this week to gather some new cookbook ideas.. I always order online though because you save 34% off the cover price. It's been such a hectic week I haven't had time to look these ones up!

Sunday for us is birthday party drop offs, three hours out of the house for showings and hopefully a supper that we get to eat on time ;) xx

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Sarah said...

Do it Sarah, get the Speedy 30 Bandouliere, you will love it for sure xx

Emily Smith said...

Sorry about the soup, it's so frustrating when you throw in the wrong ingredient!! I've totally done that making gluten-free baking and it messes EVERYTHING UP! Great cookbooks on your list, I'm going to have to check those out :)

Sara said...

I love this post!! I think the new speedy is awesome.. I'm seriously eyeing it myself...hmm....

I want to see pictures of your whole dining area! I love the bits and pieces I've seen, but want the whole picture :)

Anonymous said...

The last time I made French Onion Soup, our house smelled like onions for almost an entire week - even with the windows open. Hope yours doesn't.