February 17, 2013

decorating styles | a look at Lonny bathrooms

This is so unlike me.. I'm a 3, maybe 5 picture post kind of a girl. I like short & sweet..you may have gotten that about me by now ;) But I was thinking about bathroom styling, and personally I find them awful. What's appropriate for a bathroom? Usually I'm a keep it simple kinda girl, but for the showings I've done it up a bit more than I normally would, and even though it feels a little awkward to me, it does look better.. so what's your bathroom decor style?!

Here's some killer inspiration from Lonny-

design philosophy | providing a foundation to grow and alter through the years, I keep the core basic and layer in the current, creating a room that is innately yours. I believe great interiors are not found in one shop. I know you should feel a sense of calm in your space as well as balance, and revel in that gut feeling that it’s the right fit. DESIGN SERVICES start at only 10.00. See Sarah Swanson Design at the top left of this blog!


katie gavigan said...

i've been thinking a lot about the style i'd like to go in our bathroom (which so badly needs some attention!), and haven't completely landed yet! i tend to be more about layers, but want the bath to be simpler, cleaner. especially since ours is very small. i definitely need a touch of drama, and some of these images are perfect (to me :)). thanks for the inspiration today!

LindsB said...

Lonny bathrooms give me so much inspiration for my own- they are all amazing!