January 4, 2013

new house files | random details make me happy

 There are some details in the new house that I can't stop thinking about. Oh who am I kidding there are dozens of details I can't wait to see in person. The hours and hours that I spent thinking about this house and how we are going to use it.. I'm just overwhelmed with gratefulness that it's going to be ours. Really.

The kitchen back splash is exactly like the tile layout in the fireplace below, an up and down herringbone. In creamy white tiles with grout just a smidgen darker than the tile.

Our office ( OUR OFFICE!?!! umm yay! ) ( we both work from home ) is going to have this fixture on opposite walls above each of our desks.

I'm even giddy over the kitchen faucet. I know..I need help :)

The pendants over the island are these.. I was so happy to find this image after I had decided.. totally sealed it for me!

The girls bathroom floor is penny tile with grout just like this..

I'm DYING to see this one in person. These shelves in the dining room. I'm going to spend a fortune filling them ;)


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Megan Daly said...

Seriously, I am so excited with you. There is NOTHING Better than having your own HOME to Decorate!! I can't wait to see it! Love all your details you are showing.

When do you move in? ;)