January 30, 2013

jean shirts + jenny's art

I nearly cried. Last week my oh so perfect, so soft, so fabulous, so, so , so everything jean shirt..went into the garbage. Stained. :( Damn hair color. What made it easier was that it was a $24.99 H&M kids shirt that I've been wearing for 3 years, ha! ..but I wore it like twice a week. So I needed to replace it. I hummed and hawed over J Crew's denim, but I needed something with a bit of length..I'm a leggings girl remember?! Today...Anthropologie to the rescue. It's oh so soft, longer in the back..I'm a happy girl again-

Bess Pocketed Henley

In other random news.. this piece of gorgeousness arrived last week.. I've been so damn busy I haven't even shared it with you- It's amazing. Jenny is fabulous + so is her art. Love, love, love. MFAMB, you know her.. buy her art- it's GOOD :) go here + here

Thursday already tomorrow.. a Realtor is coming by to see our house, and she better be thinking the same $$ I am ;) Your $10 design Q's have been awesome this week.. keep 'em coming! x

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Sandra Carson said...


Natalie {Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers} said...

Love your new shirt! I wear my Chambray one all the time! And I'm dying for a piece of Jenny's art. Yours is just perfect!

Baby Mama Juice said...

That shirt is perfect! As my 2 year old says, "I Need That!" Fingers crossed for your realtor mtg.

Leah said...

LOVE that painting! I am going to get one of my own soon too. Have you thought about how you'll frame it? I'm in Ottawa and have so much trouble finding great larger size frames. Any ideas? ;)

my favorite and my best- MFAMB to you said...

heyyyy! thanks lady!!
i want to see it when you frame it!