January 6, 2013

JCrew made my day-

I heart shorts. HEART them. Yes I realize it is January in Alberta and it will be approximately 6 months before I can wear them. My response is 'whatever'.. these babies will be sitting in my closet ( in the new house! We'll be in there by then ;) ) happily waiting to be worn. They were too good to pass up. Expensive? Yup! But look at them.. sigh yay shorts..

( they don't appear to be on the site right now so I can't link them, sorry! )

and you may remember how in the fall I completely missed the anorak shopping.. it's still on my mind, even with my green J Crew Factory quilted jacket ( which I love by the way! )..so when I saw this the same time as the shorts..well.. there was no saying no.. it looks to be perfect for me. I'll keep you posted. Dang I love jackets this season!

Boyfriend Fatigue Jacket 

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Baby Mama Juice said...

Those shorts are amazing!

katie gavigan said...

seriously crazy amazing shorts...woah!