December 10, 2012

Tree's up.. my nephew was staying with us over the weekend so it was nice to set up the tree with lots of family around :) I gave up control and let the kids go to it, the bottom branches of a tree have never looked so good ;) I'm still waiting for the holiday festiveness to hit me..I'm not sure why I'm just not into it this year. Usually I'm planting paper whites ( and showing you hundreds of pictures of them ) wrapping tiny little tree's in kraft paper.. none of it this year. Maybe it's all the time I've spent planning and decorating the new house in my mind that I'm not terribly concerned with this one anymore. I don't know! ha.. here's hoping it hits, xx

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Francine Gardner said...

I miss the years when the kids would be so exited about decorating the tree. My husband and i bought the tree on Saturday and we both hung all our white ornaments that night. When my sons came for dinner, their first words were, why didn't you call us, we would have loved to do the tree with you... that really brought a smile to my face that they still treasure these moments in life!