December 4, 2012

coffee tables, small scale, under $400

we haven't had a coffee table in 7 years. That's kids for you! Our current floor plan doesn't leave room for a coffee table, but the larger space in the new house does. Still I want a smaller scale piece that will nestle into the sectional. These three have been on my mind for quite some time, and I love that they are all ( almost! ) under $400-

CB2 | P7 coffee table $349 ( cdn )
CB2 | marble top $349 ( cdn )
West Elm | Origami coffee table $415 ( cdn )

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Ashley said...

CB2 is great in the coffee table department. I especially like the first option (too bad I don't need a coffee table)!

Robynne said...

While I LOVE the idea of the marble table, it is so ridiculously short! I think it's only a foot high. If it was taller, it'd be in my home for sure.

Michelle said...

Ah! I love these, especially the west elm one. So cute.

animal heads said...

That origami looks like it would topple over if someone nudges it a little. It's somehow hazardous to avail such items especially when there are kids running around the house, but it is a cool piece that would go into any living room. You might want to consider the other two.