December 22, 2012

a big ol Xmas pout-

Christmas is just around the corner! What are you all doing to get into the spirit of the season + celebrate?!

I'm trying my HARDEST to get festive, and I think I've told you before it's hard this year! Here's the thing.. everything's different this year.. My hubs sister + fam who are usually here over Xmas aren't coming until after Xmas ( which is totally cool, they need to do what's best for them! ) We used to go to | have them here ( my parents ) on Boxing Day, and that's obviously not happening.. ( insert sad..missing my Dad, but love having my Mom here ) My sister + her fam are 3 hours away.. I'm trying to think of things to do with the girls, but it just seems like our whole house can't get into it and I feel pretty awful. I guess I just want to be with family + friends and eat good food and drink good drinks and I want to have it all, ha! and I need to figure out how to make the best of what is this year.. Wow, that was a big ol pout- sorry for that! Ok..I'm off to get festive.. I hope, xo


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