November 21, 2012

wintery goodness, some fur, a proud friend and a little surprise

Last night was dance night, which means 2 hours of sitting in the studio for me. Blah. I was armed with two new magazines so I immersed myself in them while the drama and conversation of the know it all Moms around me was dulled. Ha ha.. House & Home has a gorgeous new issue out, and a few things ( well, quite a few but you guys would have been fed up with me if I'd instagrammed them all ;) )

 Last year one of my favorite holiday memories was the trip to the garden center with the girls for fresh cut boughs. H&H shows a few gorgeous mixes-

I'm crazy about Ikea's sheep skin, and how fab is it drapes over tolix stools?! Love! ( Tolix for the new house maybe?! )

and from the same incredible home, a gorgeous idea for fresh decor on the railing, and I love the blanket draped, I've done the same thing this winter on my upper floor :)

In Indigo this afternoon I spied a gorgeous faux fur pillow, and I was thinking it would be lovely on our bed. Randomly my mind went to fur in the house, and I love my Restoration Hardware throw from last year. It's so good it actually stayed on the sofa all summer long, ha! That's mine below..

I was so happy and proud and excited to see my dear friend Marianne in HGTV magazine.  Yay!! I also need a fun way to tell Marianne that I'm going to be in Seattle Dec 6 + 7 for a quick trip with a lovely friend of mine. I'm keeping my fingers crossed we're finally going to get a chance to meet :) :)
( surprise! ;) )

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Marianne said...

Best surprise ever!!! Cannot even tell you how excited I am to finally meet you!!! You totally made my day. xo