November 1, 2012


Funny how things happen sometimes isn't it?! At the same time I can't get Juju hats out of my head, I have two clients using them too :) I'm thinking of a white one for the new house over the fireplace.. I can hear the 'but I thought you were getting a MFAMB painting for there?!?!? ' don't worry, I'm still getting one, I LOVE Jenny's paintings, I'm just moving things around. Imaginary things for a so far imaginary house. Let's just say I don't know where pieces will end up until we're in, but I do want to be surrounded by things I love, so let's get both shall we and see where they end up! ;)

Two great shops you can check out for your own Juju hats are Table Tonic  and The Cross-

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Trissta {Living on the Chic} said...

Forget the juju hats (as glorious as they are) I want that rorschach pillow! Great great inspiration here.

Much Love,

Sandra said...

I am a sucker for juju hats! There's a lady in NYC who is very reasonable and some of the $$ actually goes to the people in Africa! :)

Laurie Sanderz said...

i really appreciate it!!

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