October 22, 2012

vince sweaters & wheat belly

A few of you have asked about the Vince sweaters.. these two have been my splurge items of the season, but I plan on living in them. I love nothing more than wrapping up in a cozy sweater :)

honeycomb cardigan 

hooded cardigan 

These are linked to the Vince website, but have a peek at Shop Bop, Neiman Marcus.. you never know who may be having a sale!


in other very sad news I have given up bread. Gluten, damn you!

In past months there comes a time in the day where I look oh 4 months pregnant. Adorable stage if you're pregnant, absolutely embarrassing if you're not. I'm not. Wheat belly. If you've been reading for a while you know I was suffering from awful daily migraines a few years ago. I had them pretty much under control until a few months ago they came back with a vengeance. And then there was the tummy. I've given up pop, dairy, and now bread. I lived on bread. Breakfast, lunch and supper. Oh and toast before bed.

SO UNHAPPY. But our youngest is gfee, so we've now all adopted the lifestyle. After a week the headaches were gone and my tummy is normal. So long story short.. gluten does yucky things to us, and it hasn't killed me eating gfree. OH! and as soon as I stopped I felt less agitated, I was constantly agitated. So, it's all for good :)

There are two great sweaters left HERE if anyone needs something cozy! x

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mrs. olson said...

Hmmm..now I wonder if I suffer from wheat belly. Probably it's just had my fourth baby six months ago belly :)



Designwali said...

love these sweaters...i just gave up processed sugar and seriously cut back bread & dairy...tough but feeling better...

Gaby [The Vault Files] said...

I'm in major love with that first vince sweater ;)

Jenna at Homeslice said...

Sorry to hear that- we know from experience that food allergies/intolerances are so hard. But I am glad you're feeling better!!

Sara Mueller said...

Thanks for sharing the links! And good to know about the gluten.

Georgine said...

I'm a huge advocate of giving up wheat!! It has improved my moods, COMPLETELY removed my cravings/overeating, and I've lost about a .5 lb/ 1 lb a month since doing so. Everytime I have real pizza, cake or beer the muffin top comes back. Very happy for your improved headaches and flat tummy!! You might see improvements in your digestion as well :) XO

Cathy said...

Love the sweaters...as for the gluten issue... It was discovered a few months ago that I have Celiac Disease .....long story short... what a great thing to know, I feel much better and am loosing weight and not even trying. I do miss my bread and baking, but I feel better !!! and do bake gluten free food. There are many sites online that have fabulous recipes. Best of luck.

Shannon said...

I gave up sugar...but bread? nuts!!!
glad you are feeling better!!!

Nataliya said...

I gave up gluten + sugar about 2-3 months ago and feel amazing. Mood wise, energy wise, digestion wise.

Great move and hang in there. It will get easier :)

PS. and sometimes cheat :) I'm cheating with sugar right now, caramel popcorn, yumm!

Pinecone Camp said...

Very interesting. Good for you for just dumping things that make you feel blah and blotted. I'm trying out a few things too and, wow, do I ever feel better. Bye bye bloat! I just made some crackers made with nuts and seeds and they're so good. Who needs bread? I do need one of those sweaters though ;)
Have a good day Sarah!