October 8, 2012

I love random, and this is so random..

Yesterday after Thanksgiving dinner we were doing a little reminiscing, and all of a sudden today on my pinterest feed were these 3 images that also took me back in time..

 Hubs played hockey and we spent two seasons in Columbia SC. Driving from Alberta to South Carolina is a 40 hour trek by car (OMG right?!) anyway.. one of my favorite parts of the drive was through Kentucky..and all of these three images that popped up via pinterest took me back to my favorite part of that drive... random, I know. I warned you!

Adding Kentucky to my list of places to visit..


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Elizzy said...

I am from Columbia, South Carolina!

Becca | Lowlife Couture said...

I went to school in Columbia and had classes in the coliseum right below the hockey rink!

Kristin | o.m.Gee! said...

I was raised in Columbia! Small world!

Shannon said...

I am going to get my hunter green vest out of the closet RIGHT NOW! I keep forgetting about it since it is upstairs...I bought it in Paris in the early 2000's sigh!

Kim said...

Just wandering around and saw this post. I'm from Columbia, SC, also. Love your blog!