August 16, 2012

Louis Vuitton Hampstead PM ( for sale! )

UPDATE :) BAG IS SOLD! Thank you all for your interest!

I'm pretty sure my facebook friends think I'm crazy, broke, divorcing.. something! Well you might too ;) Let me assure you none of the above is happening. I've just come to a fabulous realization that I only want what I use in my home. I think we all can get into a, what do you call it, place where all we want is MORE, MORE, MORE! I know in my city, bigger is better. I'm selling things that yes I've loved and have loved having, but I'm just not using. So I'd love it if someone else would enjoy having it and love it! That's why I'm selling things.. I promise everything in my life is GREAT, I'm just learning to live with what I LOVE + ADORE not 15 versions of it ;)

 So! I have a gorgeous Louis Vuitton Hampstead PM for sale. This bag sells right now at LV for $1290 ( here's the shop link ) and I'm selling the exact one you see pictured below for $500... I'd really love for someone to love it!

If you have any questions or are interested please drop me a note The bag itself is in impeccable condition, in the bottom photo of the front gold plate you'll see a few tiny but unnoticeable scratches. Dust bag is included of course, and we'll find out what shipping within Canada + the US is with insurance :)

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