August 29, 2012


I'm smitten with my painting by Chassity | Look Linger Love. I visit her shop daily looking for new pieces.

I had a little idea for a DIY. I needed a solution for my kitchen window. I used Ikea drapes and a little velcro..

and came up with this! Now I'm happy. I took down the bamboo blind I had up, and we lived in a fish bowl for a few days..

The violet pillow debate is going strong and there are a lot of you against it! I took it off the sofa this morning and put the zebra back on. Every time I glanced at it I wasn't happy..

so for now it stays..

I might add a little something else to go with it, I've a plan for a painting with some teal and violet.. sounds ick, but just wait.. I might impress you yet ;) x

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Megan Daly said...

Your Home is LOOKING SO Beautiful. I love all the Neutrals and your Linen Sofa. So Pretty!

classic • casual • home said...

Great philosophy! So pretty.

preppylove said...

I LOVEEEE your painting!!!

Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

The kitchen window looks great... love your lamps in there too!

Tobe | Because It's Awesome said...

that is one of my faves of chassity's paintings - it will look amazing in your home!