July 11, 2012

this + that | the chairs, pillows, lighting and supper

Today the Restoration Hardware chairs were delivered. I had a ridiculous hassle with one of their store associates about ordering the color I wanted, she was a bit of a know it all and I knew she was wrong. .. they ended up the wrong color after 2 separate conversations with her. Ugh.. she's just lucky I like this color too so they're staying.

My house is completely shut down because it's hotter than [ insert your comparison here ] in Calgary. It's glorious to have a hot sun shiny summer, but it's HOT, and most of us don't have AC for the typical two weeks of hotness we get here a year. So hello fans + curtains closed all day.. that's so unlike me, so you know it's hot!

Some new paintings went to the shop today | gallerywall $10 art 

Did you see the fabulousness at Design Darling?! There are some great new pieces, and a fabulous selection of pillow covers for $38.00!! Love that Mackenzie!

A friend of mine just installed the overstock beige fabric 3 light chrome chandelier, and it's LOVELY. I LOVE this fixture, and it's $100. $100!! I know right?!

For the first time in oh 10 years I'm actually staring to like cooking again! I always found dinner time hard.. what to cook, do we have anything, the kids are hungry now and I just got home.. Ugh. I'm sure you can relate! I've started planning a weeks worth of meals and then buying only what's needed for lunches and suppers. I feel like a genius. ( I know I'm not, I just wish I would have clued into this YEARS ago, ha!! )

Tonight's supper was super easy and super yummy//

Grilled Teriyaki Chicken and Pineapple Sandwich | find it here at Six Sisters Stuff.

 I love these girls, I've been using alot of their recipes and they are fabulous! We used banana peppers instead of jalapeƱo only because that's what we had! SO good!

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Marianne said...

Your new chairs look fabulous!!!

Cara said...

love the new chairs!

Anonymous said...

The chairs look great but are they comfortable?

Anonymous said...

The art and pillows are so great!

Gascoyne Family said...

Love the dining room table. Can you tell me where it is from as it is exactly what I have been looking for.

Thanks so much!

sarah, flourish design + style said...

The table is from Crate & Barrel! :) x