May 10, 2012

[ styling ] mantels

From a simple painting speaking volumes on it's own, symmetrical sides, and fabulous collections layered in, styling a fireplace is so reflective of our own personal style, and there are so many right ways to do it. Thanks to the Lonny archives for these lovely and unique examples-

E DESIGN ( design/ inspiration board via email after lots of on line discussion ) is the perfect option to help you design from scratch, update or finish a room! To see all the details visit Sarah Swanson Design.



Love.......everyone of those images. Seriously. I love the first one with the art.

Becca | Lowlife Couture said...

I think seriously dream at night about styling my one day mantel!! EEE! one day, one day!

Nataliya said...

love these. Is there info on the wall colours?