May 21, 2012

pretty | just because I feel like posting pretty..

A little bit of pretty before I bore you with back yard nonsense...   :)

How's your long weekend?! May long weekend in Alberta usually signals official 'work in your yard and plant your gardens' weekend. Well we did just that..sort of. A while back I told you about a big backyard redo we had been planning. We started, and switched gears completely part way through.. :) too funny! Well we saved ourselves alot of time, money and energy with the changes ( but holy snap.. yard work and pit!! ). I'm loving the new direction, and will head out to take some pictures for you to see my new outdoor space really soon, there are just a few little details I have to sort out  :) I was though, continually shocked at the cost of little projects.. new stairs off the deck ( yes they're 10 feet wide, but whatever ) $120. Stain for the deck $50.. plants, holy smokes, little plants for two pots, $60.. now I know why in past years I only bought two boxwoods for my front entry! ;) Oh well.. it is another usable room now!


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Anonymous said...

Love the vase in photo #1... so pretty. xo

Sara Mueller said...

Sounds like fun! We are about to start building our screened in porch with windows to make it sort of like a real "mudroom". The little things do add up. But I think it's all worth the investment in a house.

Jessica said...

It's amazing how quickly those projects add up! But, I'm sure it's worth it now. :-)

(Can that bird be any more fun looking?!)

Shauna@Satori Design for Living said...

Can't wait to see what you were up to. I live in Alberta too and I don't think we're out of the freezing woodwork yet :(

Would love for you to share your projects on our outdoor extravaganza!