April 17, 2012

designer love/ Nam Dang Mitchell

Incredible, seriously incredible. Have a peek at some of the interiors of Calgary designer Nam Dang Mitchell.. she is clearly all about the details... LOVE-

images via Nam Dang Mitchell Design & Canadian House & Home

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McKae @ kaes corner design said...

These are amazing! I love that kitchen island, gorgeous!

Jessica @ Stay at Home-ista said...

Thanks, what beautiful, serene spaces. That was like a mini-vacation for me.


Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

These are really lovely. My favorites are the kitchens.

Tonia B. said...

Now I have a name to put with the space. Thanks for sharing.

Annie H. said...

Love the rich gray of the first kitchen. Wish my husband would agree to paint our kitchen that color.

michele said...

safe and effective medication sort of says it all. (thinking of how design blogs and beautiful rooms are good medicine).

lovely inspiration here!


Amy@BuffaloRoam said...

So lovely! I love everything about that first kitchen..