March 11, 2012

gardens + outdoor rooms

oh the wheels are turning.. like I don't have enough on my plate with a bathroom reno half done, a master bath on the verge of a reno and an upstairs that is ready to be painted.. now I'm thinking about the yard. That's what a few days of sunny warm weather will do.

We have quite possibly the smallest back yard in suburbia, and this spring we are overhauling it, in the hopes that we can add one more room onto our house, an outdoor one.

The fence is getting moved back so we can take advantage of our whole lot, the deck taken apart and a new patio and step addition added to it.

Oh, and this is the first summer ever that I won't be working ( well away from home that is! ) So I'm planting a garden too. I think it will be brilliant fun ( and fulfilling! ) for the girls and I.

Maybe some window boxes on the front of the house.. ok, not unless they'll look like that!

CRAZY about the pavers-

I also love the boxwood / fern mix. Full, fresh and simple.

Thank goodness my parents are superstar gardeners.. they'll be teaching me alot. ( and helping to design and execute it! )

The garden will absolutely be raised..I'm crazy about this look!

could this be my final result.. ?! ( Ha ha )


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kayce hughes said...

We had such a sunny and warm weekend that I am excited about life outdoors as well!

hong kong property said...

a garden is not a bad idea=)

designchic said...

What wonderful Spring looks to start my week...adore the large pavers with the grass in between...fabulous!!!

La Dolfina said...

Now you've got me inspired!!!
Where might one find those basket weave garden beds?