December 30, 2011

in pictures-

I hope you all had and are still having a wonderful holiday season. It always feels like Christmas to me when the fire is lit at my parents house..

I just love ( and so did my mom ) this sweet little lace bowl from Anthro-

My mom spoiled me with a luxurious cashmere pillow.. it's heaven-

8 years ago these pink ornaments were our wedding favor, I love that my mom still has hers on her tree! ( Even way back them I had to have my hint of pink! )

I just love my business cards made by lemon & lavender, and in my ikat bowl they're the perfect pair-

I fell in love and obsessively bought a whack of these gorgeously tinted mercury glass votive holders from Indigo. I kid you not they cost about $20 all together. I had to stop myself from buying every one they had. ha! I LOVE them scattered in the center of the dining table.

My new love.. double arm lamp. Sigh, it makes me smile :)

Ah, my sweet husband. A gorgeous new Michael Kors watch ( it's so classic, but oversized ) and the Tiffany bracelet I've been eyeing..

We're spending New Years Eve with some lovely friends, I can't wait. It will be a busy house with all 6 of our combined kiddo's! Happy New Year, here's to a fabulous new year. xoxo Sarah

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Marianne {Style For Living} said...

I'm sure it's no surprise that I've been looking at that watch! It's gorgeous, but I haven't bit the bullet yet. Happy New Year to you my dear friend. Hopefully 2012 will be our year to finally meet in person! xo

Designwali said...

wow!! lovely images and that watch is great! happy new year!

Shannon said...

beautiful watch! you WERE spoiled - rotten!!

we had 7 kids, 2 babies and 10 adults here last night! FUN HOUSE!!!

Kendall said...

So many beautiful gifts! Love the watch.

Mary said...

Love this watch! I've been looking for an "affordable" one like it for quite some time!

Katie H. said...

where did you find that beautiful double armed lamp? I found you on pinterest, fyi. kch1860athotmaildotcom