December 29, 2011

advice needed..grasscloth

I need your advice..all of a sudden I have a strong desire to put grasscloth wallpaper in our tiny main floor bath. ( Actually, I want to change things all over the house.. does that happen to you too this time of year? ) I'd love to know if you have a great source, any tips and tricks.. it's so appreciated, x

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Tiffany @ Savor Home said...

I'm currently making plans to update some things in my house and grasscloth is definitely in the plans. I adore it.

Shea McGee said...

I love grasscloth! I'm hoping to use it in our dining room one of these days...I can't vouch for this website personally, but read on Bryn Alexandra's blog that it is a great resource:

Can't wait to see the result!

Jenna at Homeslice said...

I'm always wanting to change things in our house! It's a constant struggle for me to move slow!