September 11, 2011

hint of pink, MK

I love Michael Kors watches. I wear my oversized horn all the time.

I just happened to spy this rose gold & grey leather band that is available this October. Wouldn't it be lovely with your winter wardrobe? I totally have a thing for rosey pink lately.

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The Rigolosos said...

Oh, I love it. MK knows his stuff, doesn't he?!

anita said...

rose gold and grey leather???

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this watch. I'm also obsessed with rosy gold right now. Trying to find the perfect rose gold watch that doesn't have any extra bling. This one def fits that category! Thanks for sharing.

Marianne {Style For Living} said...

MK can do no wrong! Back from my staycation, wish it was longer!!! Posted my office reveal today if you want to take a look! xo

Cove and Grey said...

I love rosey pink right now too! So gorgeous!