August 31, 2011

love you and a little style for a steal..

Can I say thanks? I can't go..I may be here a little less, but Flourish is such a part of my life I would miss it like crazy. So, you'll have to continue putting up with my take on design, style, my loves and likes..thanks to each and every one of you who contacted me and left a comment, wrote a note.. I'm glad your here, and you're right, I'll go back to doing this for me, and just maybe you'll like it too :)

Now a little look for less, style for a steal..

As a Stella & Dot stylist I am continually amazed at the incredible product we offer for an incredible price. It truly is an affordable luxury..see below-

this labradorite pendant shown above..over $250. Now check out Stella & Dot's Leona Pendant for $108.. It's a gorgeous labradorite stone, and possibly my favorite piece to wear..

How about this ring for $135? How about Stella & Dot's Camilla Ring for $54..

leaf pendant for $935, or Stella & Dot leaf pendant ( gold, $44 ) + delicate ball station chain, $44
and finally, a fabulous good luck charm for oh, $1200..

LOVE fabulous style at a fabulous price! Please note all Stella & Dot pricing is in Canadian $$..and unfortunately only Canadian shoppers can purchase from my website as linked. IF you are interested in becoming a Stella & Dot stylist and have questions, jut shout.. I can grow my team through Canada, the US and very very soon the UK! x S

Share your design inspiration, I'll help turn it into a reality! e design services start at $85. Visit sarah swanson design.


Marianne {Style For Living} said...

So happy you're sticking around! xo

traci zeller designs said...

Yay for sticking around!! There are sooo many blogs around, and it is so time-consuming - but there isn't a more wonderful way to connect with like-minded friends! xo!