August 28, 2011

I'm not wishing summer away..

Merely preparing myself for the sudden change to winter here in Alberta.

Nah.. I saw it, fell in love with it, and couldn't stop thinking about I knew it was the right winter jacket for me.

I like pieces that will last for at least a few years, that makes it worth a little investment.

This cashmere/ wool blend Cocoon jacket will absolutely be with me for winters to come... when they come. Seriously, no rush.. :)

..from here

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David Toms said...

I can understand! I am dying to wher ethis fab jacket I bought in London, just waiting for cooler weather!

Katie*Belle said...

Ha! I completely know what you mean about winter arriving suddenly. This coat is gorgeous and it's good to have something nice to look forward to along with the cold weather : )

Ashley said...

Oh, it's spectacular! The color is just like a yummy caramel!

Marianne {Style For Living} said...

That is the perfect jacket! Not ready for summer to be over though since we got such a late start to it.

jeanette from everton terrace said...

We are absolutely melting here in Phoenix so we are wishing summer away, far far away. Bring on the beautiful sweaters and coats :)

classiq said...

This is a coat that will last for seasons. Timeless style.

paula said...

reasons like this make me want to be rich. ha.