August 20, 2011

bought online and saved!

It has taken ages for Undecorate to show up at my local Indigo store. I almost bought it yesterday, but the $47.00 price tag stopped me..I had a peek online last night, and I found it at Indigo for $29.47.. what?! Same store, just online. Then I searched for a promo code, and found if you enter this ( olaug11 ) you can save an extra $5.00! Add your irewards discount, and it's one heck of a deal!

I bought the fun object above and the book, received free shipping and spent less on both than if I would have bought the book at the store.. thanks Indigo, guess I'll be checking your online prices before I buy!

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Dumbwit Tellher said...

Very often it pays to think outside the box and research an item before you buy it. You really got 2 great deals and doesn't it always make your purchase all the more special?! I know it always makes me feel so "wise"! Love the gold object..a lot!! Have a great weekend Sarah!

Cheers ~ Deb

Designwali said...

great deals!

jenna ♥ a little blue said...

fantastic savings :) a little research can do wonders to a price tag!

Karena said...

Sarah a very cool object de Arte!
A great price as well, It is interesting how I have seen some online prices that are less as well!


Art by Karena

Andrea Johnson said...

I just bought that at Chapter's as well!! Too funny:)