July 26, 2011

small space doesn't equal small style

I've been admiring the lovely space from Lonny Magazine's offices. What a genius use of space. Two long narrow consoles provide a great work surface, the pops of coral and orange make it alive and not following the assumption that a small room should have small furniture ( look at the art, the lighting! ) makes this small space just perfect. I'm a huge fan!

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Nuit said...

this is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!! Lonny people are fab :) xox

Pinecone Camp said...

That really is a great work space. It's so incredibly orderly. How does one do that? ;)

Vintage Home said...

...super inspiration!

Edins House said...

Love just about everything about this space ~ the art on the walls, the fabulous union jack rug, the letters on the wall, the lamp at the end of one of the console/desks, the desk chairs, the colour of the walls... terrific!