July 31, 2011

blue jeans

I'm in no rush for fall, but this is totally denim my style ( well the boots are a little chunky for me, but the rest of the look is fantastic! )


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Pinecone Camp said...

It feels and looks like fall here today, so I'm quite happy with the thought of fall! Very cute look. ;)

Danielle Hardy said...

This is soo super cute.. But us folks in Vancouver haven't even had summer yet :( Good thing we get to wear cute things like this picture to console us when fall makes its way :)

Anna of IHOD said...

I am crazy about finding the perfect jeans:) Love the wash on these and the way they are styled!
Have a lovely Sunday!!

Trissta said...

Oh! I adore those boots! Not the usual riding type boot. It's refreshing to me!

Much Love,