May 21, 2011


Katie in a madewell dress.. nice! Lanvin blazer, but at least we can achieve the dress ;)
How fab is the bag?

in style

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Katy said...

Pretty pretty. I am so excited to hear that Katie is expecting a second child. I'm sure he/she will be as fabulous as Suri. Love the bag.

[ keep calm & blog on ] xo Katy

amy walters said...

Thanks Sarah for your lovely comment on my blog ;)

I love Stella & Dot. My friend hosted a party a month or two ago and I fell in love with their stuff! So lovely.


Ps. I love your logo...super cute!

Sarah at Finishing Touch Interiors said...

Gorgeous bag

First House on the Right said...

Katie looks lovely. Very stylish! Nicolex

Appletree said...

I always liked her
but I love her bag

Things That Sparkle said...

I just ordered that dress yesterday, love it!

thea said...

Ooooh yes, I do like it... now just to look like her - lol.


Megan Daly said...

Totally agree. I want that bag. So cute!!