April 8, 2011


I love this. That's pretty much my new hair color, gasp* I know big change from the blond, but it's way more natural on me and I love it! ( It's even darker than my profile pic shows! ) Now.. I need great bridesmaid hair and I have this sort of idea in my head, except I don't have that much hair- can you add non permanent extensions for some fullness? hmm..
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Cara said...

cute but a little "star-trekie" for me :P

Jordin- I Love That! said...

Hey Sarah! I bet the darker color looks great! I am a hairstylist and have added clip in extensions for extra hair for special occasions. You can buy them at beauty supply stores and since you have gone darker they don't look as fake. You would probably need just a few. I did a post a while back on wedding hair if you want to check it out (you may have seen this pics already.) Good Luck!

Kendall said...

I love any hairstyle that's low and to the side. So chic! Wish I had done it for my wedding.

shopgirl said...

It's a gorgeous colour Sarah! Glad you're enjoying the change. Sometimes hair can make or break your day.


The Zhush said...

You are a brunette now? Just checked your pic..beautiful! Lucky you, you can pull off both shades perfectly!