March 15, 2011

You could win a whole lot of Stella & Dot!

SO sorry, but right now this is only open to Canadian residents. ( as a Canadian, I can only sell to Canadians :( (
for now!! it's coming soon :)

A great shopping opportunity for busy ladies & gents! You have a chance to win alot of fabulous free jewelry! Here are the details..


Did you know Stella & Dot offers amazing hostess rewards? For example if a trunk shows sales hits $1000.. the hostess gets $250 in free jewelry + 4 items at 50% off. As the totals climb, so do the rewards ( $1000 + , equals 25% of sales! ) Sound good? How would you like a chance to win them?!

I'll host the trunk show on Sunday March 20th. Every order of $40 or more gets your name entered to win the hostess rewards. Spend $80, that's two entries! Told 3 friends that placed an order of $40 +? That's an entry each for them and that's 3 more entries for you, the more orders, the better the win! Did you know 50% of Stella & Dot items are under $50?

Orders can be taken by phone, facebook, email or through the website! Visit, click find your hostess and type MYSTERY HOSTESS. Friends and family from all over Canada can participate! Pass the word along, invite your friends.. you can start placing your orders anytime between now and March 20th! If you have a friend or family member interested in participating, just send me a message with your name so you get entered!

Hostess will be drawn at the close of the party!
If anyone is interested in details about joining my team and becoming a stylist, please let me know! You'll LOVE it!

Fun right?! x


Karena said...

How great Sarah!

I happen to have a giveaway right now thatis only open for USA residents!!It is rare that happens!

Art by Karena

Sarah at Finishing Touch Interiors said...

I love the beautiful aqua & coral colours, shame im not in Canada as they are gorgeous

Pinecone Camp said...

That's a whole lot of happy! Gorgeous colours.

Miss Walker said...

I so want to be a resident of Canada right now! Miss Walker xoxo

Meggy said...

Hi! If it helps, for all those US residents, I'm having a virtual Stella & Dot shopping event with THREE giveaways...

Stop by my site to check out how to shop & win.


Ashley Lauren said...

what beautiful jewelry! Great colors for the upcoming spring season!