February 10, 2011

calling all Canadians!

We have such a fabulous network of blogging friends don't we?! Imagine if we used this amazing advantage we have to run a business. The support, encouragement and resources would be unmatchable.

I've just begun as a stylist with Stella & Dot. I am enamoured with this company and their vision. Today I will have the opportunity to meet Jessica Herrin. Not only is she the lady behind Stella & Dot, she founded weddingchannel.com as a school project. Wow. I am fully prepared to be inspired and motivated after my boot camp.. I can't wait actually.
I already work full time, but since becoming a mom 5 years ago, I need now to start being around other moms + ladies and have the opportunity to meet new friends. The great thing is you can put in as little or as much as you want. And we all believe in great style right.. there couldn't be a better fit.
Have a look at the site.. snoop around. I did. I loved what I saw, and the opportunities it presents. I would love to have a team of stylists across Canada join me, lets do this together. I would love to sponsor you and learn and work together! I think we'll be unstoppable. Questions.. just ask me. Think about it, we'll have so much fun! x

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My Many Moments said...

Wow! Congrats to you. What an amazing opportunity. I love Stella and Dot. I just purchased a neckalace last week! Good Luck to you. I know your creativity will be appreciated there.
Take Care,

Paula said...

I have to know. The turquoise necklace at the top? Where's that from? TO. DIE.