October 19, 2010

word of the day

I just received the loveliest email from Shelly at drooz studio
here's a little excerpt
...i wanted to share a picture with you...
i keep a "word of the day" on our kitchen chalkboard...
you were today's WORD! ( well... kinda YOU! i've always loved the word "flourish" -
it provokes such great imagery!")

So seriously touched you thought of me! xo


pretty pink tulips said...

That is sooooo lovely! Flourish is a great word - to me it means with a little extra special touch!!!
xo Elizabeth

bricarwaller said...

Love the frame on that chalkboard. Flourish is a great word:) So much better than flounder.

Sara Marie said...

Hi there!
Thanks for the nice comment on my blog about my pins! Since they're new to the shop, I'll probably be doing a giveaway with one of them soon, so make sure to keep checking back.
Thanks again,

Cara said...

awww :D

"Tea Time" Print Giveaway-Come on Over and Check it Out!

Anna Walker said...

Awesome! And what a great word! :)


La Dolfina said...

Flourish is the perfect word to describe you and your flourishing blog! Great tribute!
Thank you Sarah for celebrating my bloggyversary with me today.
Love you!!

drooz studio said...

sarah... thanks for re-sharing!
so enjoy your blog!
have a great weekend.. shell