August 1, 2010

weekend plans + play rooms

There are so many possibilities when designing kids spaces. Color, space and encouraging imaginations. We have been slowly working away at the girls play room in the basement the last few weekends.. a new table and chairs, good storage ideas, trim work on the walls.. it's slowly becoming a great space. I'll share some of it soon. Speaking of playing, the girls' 3 cousins are here this weekend, fun! Hope you are having a great weekend, what are you doing?
image, alice lane


Dyche Designs said...

Sounds like you're having fun with your girls play room, can't wait to see pics. :0)

Sketch42 said...

The only reason I would move out of manhattan is so that I could have a basement with a playroom in it.

Have a great weekend!

Bron @ Baby Space said...

Love kids' spaces! And this playroom has a great clean, crisp feel- I've been noticing that a soft grey wall is a lovely neutral alternative to white. Look forward to seeing your girls' playroom - Happy weekend :)

Terri said...

What a great room... especially those stools. My girls would love them! I can't wait to see your playroom!

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

Love that play room! Can't wait to see yours!

x Jasmine