July 27, 2010

nail head and a screen

brilliant, all of it.



anita @ a dreamer's den said...

i'll take that brilliant screen please.
and the elephant.

Lindsay N. Strickland said...

looooving that chair. yep, it's way too pretty to just love it. have a happy day!

oooh, i just noticed the elephant. i die.

Hilary Dow-Ward said...

Oh Wow, how could so many fabulous things be put into (what seems like) such a small space. I love the elephant-I almost missed it. Thanks to a post above I scrolled back up to investigate...badda-bing! Where do you think that elephant is from?

ashlina {the decorista} said...

ooh i love love love it. :)

this free bird said...

Sarah I'm so happy you found me. My brother and his wife live in Calgary and I grew up east of Edmonton!! How crazy is that?

Love it!

Going to check out more of your blog right now.