June 16, 2010

want + need

UPDATE! Thanks to the most lovely personal shopper Corie at J Crew- she searched the stores to find me this outfit. Can't wait to get it.
and thanks to you guys for telling me where to find it :)
need. this. outfit.
Please tell me where I can find these pieces. Thanks much :)



christine said...

Those pieces have j.crew written all over it!!

I love the stripes/flowers combo!

Jessie said...

They have shirt at J Crew right now. The skirt is from this Spring at Jcrew. I realized after I put the outfit together it looks way better on the model. Check ebay for the skirt. Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

I was thinking J. Crew too, at least the top. Go to Polyvore and try typing in white and pink striped boatneck tshirt or white and pink striped and see what comes up. Good luck! xo

Nikki said...

Very cute. I'll take the legs and you can keep the outfit ;)

Brittany said...

done and done!

i have this outfit - and i love it! the skirt fits perfectly and i got it on sale at j.crew a month or two back.

i've seen it in the stores recently, so i'd assume you'd be able to snag it at a pretty good price!


{Amanda} said...

LOVE J. Crew! My bridesmaids dresses for my wedding were from there, along with about half of my closet :)

I'm with Nikki...I'll take the legs!

Cara said...

JCrew continues to amaze me...love their stuff!!

<3 cara

Raina Cox said...

Both items are J.Crew.

The Vintage Bateau top in Pink is only available in stores. Two other colors are available online (http://tinyurl.com/ycjt3uf).

The Watercolor Potpourri mini skirt is no longer available online, but you can call any J.Crew store and they can search other stores for you (http://tinyurl.com/24s5m7g).

J.Crew Aficionada is a fantastic source for those of us who drink the Crew-lade:


kodi_jo said...

I want the outfit and the kitchen. Lovely!

Paula Puryear Martin said...

What is this craziness. That's just too cute.