April 16, 2010

trip planning ( future reference )

Ok my Atlanta ( I should specify.. blogging ) friends - when I ( it's not actually happening, but I can think about it and make demands ) make the 10000 mile trip down to visit you - you're taking me


and here.


Anonymous said...

cute :D

Happy Friday!



Leslie, Lemon Sweet Life said...

That Scout store looks amazing!! I would love to go there too!! I don't know anyone in Atlanta though!!

Raina Cox said...

I'm headed to ATL in two weeks. I think at least one of these is on my friends' to-go-to list. I'll report back. ;)

bluehydrangea said...

Sarah, Jill Merkle, the owner of Simply Home, is a friend of mine. She lived down the street from me in Atlanta and let me tell you her house was fantastic!! And she is a blast!!

my favorite and my best said...