March 26, 2010

{ jens pick } little blue box

I have a special place in my heart {+ around my neck, wrist + fingers!} for Tiffany's.
I have a new found love for pearls...I believe that pearls can adorn any outfit...yes, that means that I wear pearls with my is kind of like using the fine china every day....why not?!

Jen, you made me think of this image..
( now we all want to know - did you get a little treat on your holiday? xo


Anna Liesemeyer said...

ahh yes...the little blue box, audrey, pearls...all those reasons to love Tiffany's! :)
Have a wonderful weekend~

1022 Sea Shell Ave said...

I to wear pearls with my jeans, love them so much named our 4th daughter Pearl.