March 17, 2010

good morning

It's Thursday, quite possibly my favorite day of the week.
It's a hopeful day, only one more ( + today of course ) day of work until the weekend, Calleigh comes home happy from school ( it's her second day in the week, on Tuesdays she comes home and doesn't want to share ) AND it's Greys + Private Practice night.
The only two shows I care enough about ( well there is Sarah's House too ) to pvr.
It's my stay up late night.. I purposely watch it at 11.

( sigh )


The Zhush said...

Happy Thursday! Its my favorite day too!

kodi_jo said...

I love that picture. And those two shows, plus Bones, are the only three I care about enough to watch online the next day, because I miss all three due to my night class. This week, however, is spring break. And while I won't be enjoying any beaches, I get to watch my shows on the actual tv after a day of lunching and shopping with a long lost friend. Small little joys add up to be as good as beaches.

erica@ moth design+luxe life said...

I never got hooked on those shows... In the past there was too much commentary on the unrealistic factor from the peanut gallery- lol.
However, thursdays are sometimes Mercato night- ever been there? If not sometime we're going to go! xo

lehi + sasha said...

hi there,

thanks for the sweet comment on our blog!
we love feedbacks.

i see that you have the love for the same things we do. :)

looking forward to reading more of your posts.