March 23, 2010

back to make believe

Let's get back to our daydreaming holiday shall we? Our few nights in New York were divine. Let's pop over to LA for a light lunch. How about Tavern? Suits me just fine-

How can you not love a place that has gold fighting roosters ;) It screams character.

It's beautiful. Have you been? Would you have one of their amazing sandwiches or a salad?


Anonymous said...

So cool, headed to CA next month, I'll check it out!

erica@ moth design+luxe life said...

I still have yet to check that 41 million dollar ticket I picked up. If I'm a winner we're going! xo

iamchasingthirty said...

Tavern is on my infamous blackberry-restaurants-to-try list! I'm in LA so this shouldn't be so hard...will let you know how it goes:)

haircutting in high heels said...

Love this! Even better it's in my old L.A. hood. I love this post!