March 25, 2010

3 basic elements

Please bear with me. I'm back to the basement. ( planning the outcome of the basement )
BUT FIRST.. I cannot thank you all enough for your thoughts, opinions and detailed comments about the marble. It turned out to be simple, I'm going with my gut.. I'm getting the marble :)

Now my thoughts keep drifting back to the basement. I've started with three basic things that make a space for me.

1. white

2. rustic elements

3. black + white

I'm so excited to see how my little budget friendly space turns out-

Now, I'm giving Roy a call to tell him it's marble! xoxo

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A Perfect Gray said...

YES! YES! YES! many 'after' images, please!

Sarah said...

Hi Sarah! I like your idea of the white and black - you can add 'oomph' with your favorite hot pink! that will look fab! And I love the idea of the Carrara marble - I think its beautiful, sleek and fashionable looking - can't go wrong with it!

McCarthy Designs said...

I love your rustic images Sarah! I can't wait to see how your basement turns out. It sounds like it will be wonderful. xx

White Cabana said...

Ah - we're excited too!

Jesse said...

Good for you! Always go with your gut!

nicole said...

SO happy for you! I really love the look you are going for... cant wait to see finished room!