February 18, 2010

alice lane home part 2

Such a beautiful and inspiring shop. I was enamoured the last time we talked about them.. but now, oh, just look at the beautiful styling + products.
They have just announced a new blog, Alice Lane Home Blog which I discovered through 6th Street Design School ( a new to me blog that is sooo lovely, and she works there! ). So happy me, more beautiful pictures of a beautiful shop I am determined to visit one day.


ashlina said...

oh wow! these rooms are fantastic. so beautiful....
just found your blog and loving the pics.
i will be following!!!


LindsB said...

I just saw about 10 things I would love to take home right now- what a great shop, thanks for sharing!

paula said...

this shop is on my one day to visit list too. It seems just gorgeous.

carlee said...

Love these images. Definitely is a beautiful shop!