January 15, 2010

Rob Brinson Photographer

What a duo.
Designer, stylist and creative director Jill Sharp Brinson, and her husband, photographer Rob Brinson.
His photo's are spectacular. I need to find out the storys behind them-
The people and the spaces...
Jill and I have hatched a plan to one day meet in Charleston SC.
( a favorite for us both, she and Rob were engaged there! )
I'm going to guess that Rob has taken a picture or two there and I would love to see them.


Anonymous said...

Loved the interview with Jill. She seems like a down to earth person, which makes her design sensibility even more likable. On a side note - Do you have any information about the lighting in Rob's shots?

Charity said...

Jills sense of style and composition is truly a unique talent. Her color palettes are warm yet refreshing. I'd love to spend the day going through all her cool books in the "library loft" image. Plus, doesn't she seem like she would be SO FUN to go shopping with?

With regards to the question about the lighting, I believe those images are from the Hinkley Lighting catalog that Rob photographed. Not only are the images captivating, the actual fixtures are pretty awesome too!