January 30, 2010

katie holmes

From the girl next door in Dawsons Creek ( an image we all loved and envied )-
to this - ( still envious ) Stunning photographs from a photo shoot with In Style back in 2007.
Absolutely adore the hair.


paula said...

i so cut my hair off like this after seeing these images way back.

Amanda said...

She really is gorgeous, & in such a "I don't have to try very hard!" kind of way. If only that were easier to pull off :) I cut 9 inches off my hair a year & a half ago. What a change; my hair had never been kept short! It was a fun change, but let's just say I've been growing it out ever since the cut & I'm just now almost back to where I began. I'm meant to be a long-haired girl! ♥