November 23, 2009

kids rooms. Lauren

Whew. That's a good word. On Sunday my baby girl officially grew up, and out of her crib. Instead of whew, maybe sob would be a better word. I did. When I realized the crib was gone for good, never to be set up again.
I'm ok - really, I just had a moment.
Enter the terrible mattress on the floor stage. It's a little tough to make a room sweet with a big 'ol mattress on the floor, but here goes
Blue Pick stitch quilt and shams, pottery barn
Basket + cable knit euro pillows, pottery barn
Dresser, ikea
Lamp + flowers, pottery barn
pictures by sarah + abraham
butterfly's by almost sunday
The best part ( we didn't buy a thing! ) We went shopping in the house. Had it all. Gotta love that!
It will change, and evolve, but this is the room she slept through the night, the first night all by herself in her big girl bed.
I think it's a good start :)


Rebecca said...

Congratulations Lauren!

michelle b @ every little thing said...

i think you did a great job! looks really fresh and lovely!