October 7, 2009

oh baby

I have a little munchkin with a birthday coming up. This got me thinking + reminiscing. After a lot of inside smiles and laughing to myself, I thought back to the day my sister and I decided to start {hush baby quilts}. It was our kids who my sister had already been testing the quilts out on who inspired us to share them with the rest of the world. We love to name the quilts by name, as there are so many ties to a name. Preppy, modern, cool + classic. Fun loving, energetic + a day dreamer. Our quilts are designed to compliment many styles and above all else, provide a snuggly, warm and comforting environment for your little ones. xo


Anonymous said...

...and how lovely {hush baby quilts} are!...our miss harper adores hers and it goes everywhere with her! {crib, the floor, the wagon, the stroller...love it!!} xoxo j.

sarah said...

I need a picture of her with it! { + thank you } xo