September 2, 2009

moody blues

I love that I am being told to get back to work! made my day!

Inside our mailbox today was a lovely little 25% off coach coupon. So I have to look. I seriously adore there flats..last year I bought 4 pairs. Ok, I'll give my husband credit..he spoiled me. I still have a note on the fridge that was a gift enclosure from one pair that says 'I am the best husband ever.' Love that.[:)]

Tonight I was quite taken by the grey.

1. large sabrina

2. parker slim tote

3. sage boot

4. kira

I apologize for the lack of posts so far this week. We had a little trouble with Laurens asthma. We spent the last 2 days between urgent care & the children's hospital. She is home, breathing well + sleeping comfortably. xo

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